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Our team brings together leaders in creative, strategy, and targeting, bringing the best of what we do to any communications challenge.

Our Team

The HGCreative team combines the roots of a traditional political media shop with the innovation of a targeted digital agency, amplifying our clients' messages in clear and compelling ways, to reach audiences both on TV and on the go. With 20+ years of communications experience, HGCreative will help you develop and create ads that cuts through the clutter and strategies that work hard so voters don’t have to.

Jerren Coleman - Production Coordinator

Jerren Coleman

Production Coordinator
Jerren brings a decade of media production skills to HGCreative, from episodic television, government multimedia, to several stints coordinating production for major Democratic political campaigns, including Democratic National Convention videos for the Biden/Harris campaign. In addition to media production, Jerren's creative talents are evident in his after-work pursuits as well; he's also a composer, music producer, and photographer. 
Jerren Coleman - Production Coordinator

Kate DiPasquale

Project Manager, Political

Kate specializes in responsive messaging and persuasive outreach. Her work writing hard-hitting copy and developing moving, attention-grabbing visual concepts is informed by her experience on targeted mail programs. Kate’s field experience includes organizing in Pennsylvania for Governor Wolf and Senator Casey’s coordinated campaign, in Georgia for Mike Bloomberg 2020, and in New Hampshire for Kamala Harris for the People.

Jerren Coleman - Production Coordinator

Martin Hamburger


Martin is a clear-eyed strategist, forceful creative voice, and disciplined campaigner with wide-ranging political and message development experience. He is sought-after as a trainer and educator, having developed campaign skills exercises, campaign simulations and curricula for diverse organizations and institutions such as The Nature Conservancy, the US Forest Service, Planned Parenthood, and American University. Martin’s hobby job is teaching skiing, in Pennsylvania and Colorado. If you’re knee-deep in powder, or neck-deep in Republicans, Martin has you covered. 

Jerren Coleman - Production Coordinator

Marissa Marshall

Project Associate

Marissa is experienced in providing counsel and proactive communication to both clients and colleagues. As a student advocate with Georgetown University’s Center for Social Justice, she worked to directly engage disempowered communities in DC and beyond. She also brings advanced research and project management skills from her work that spans the Brookings Institution to local nonprofits in Alabama and her home state of Georgia.

Jerren Coleman - Production Coordinator

Sarah McCreary

Creative Director

From Smokey Bear to psilocybin, Sarah has created messaging, media and brand identities that move hearts and minds. Sarah’s career spans political campaigning and ballot initiative work, media production, public affairs and organizational positioning and branding. Sarah oversees the entirety of our creative workflow, from script concepts, to graphic design, and oversight of all HGC's in-house post-production.

Jerren Coleman - Production Coordinator

Jamie Meyer

Senior Project Manager, Campaigns & Accounts

Jamie came to HGCreative after taking on some of the most competitive races to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in tough districts, having run successful field programs in Virginia, California, Minnesota, and Iowa. She has been in the shoes of the campaign teams that HGC works closely with and knows how to speak the language of political campaigns, connect with teams on the ground, and provide clear communications strategies for competitive districts to get to 50+1, at least. 

Jerren Coleman - Production Coordinator

Kevin Walling

Vice President, Digital

A campaign operative by training, Kevin has advanced progressive policies on Capitol Hill, in state legislatures and the local level for over a decade. He brings a wealth of experience in the latest innovations in digital persuasion, building targeted, comprehensive engagement campaigns to HGC's digital campaigns, motivating audiences and engaging influencers in positive ways for our clients.

Jerren Coleman - Production Coordinator

Full-service creative

Creative team

Whether it's for a  TV, radio or digital campaign, HGCreative's complete in-house post-production team ensures speed, consistency and a cohesive creative process for our clients.

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