Yes on 2, Florida’s 2016 medical marijuana initiative, was the second try at passing a medical marijuana regime in Florida. Medical marijuana has been a hot topic in Florida for several years. Passing an amendment in Florida means amending the state Constitution, which requires a 66% supermajority. A 2014 ballot measure failed, while a highly-limited decriminalization bill passed in the legislature. Amendment 2 was intended to widen the medical marijuana marketplace and give thousands of more patients access with less regulatory interference. Our persuasion strategy was centered on compassion and common sense. Our messengers were the grieving parents of Elise Hall, a bright, beautiful 17-year old girl who’d passed away from cancer two months before Election Day. Their plea to voters was riveting – “I don’t know why anyone would choose to deny her relief, by denying her access to medical marijuana.” Amendment 2 passed with 71% of the vote, a clear signal that Florida was joining the compassionate ranks of 28 other states with medical marijuana programs.