Kendra Horn had a big job to do in Oklahoma. Running as a Democrat in a district that has been red since the mid-1970s, Kendra set out to turn a solidly red district blue. Kendra honed in on qualities of the district that indicated she had a chance to win this race. More importantly, she keenly understood that she had to communicate to voters that felt they were not being represented in Washington by the incumbent, and that she would do a better job. It was clear early on that health care was the linchpin issue; Oklahomans were fearful of being denied quality, affordable health care.

We knew that voters had to see her in a personal way, and that she herself needed to deliver the negative on her opponent Rep. Steve Russell. We kept her message strong and direct, and incorporated a fantastic group of real Oklahomans in the district, which added authenticity and a little humor.